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About Us

About Us

Imagine a situation, where the original estimate of construction costs of 3 billion rise 300 percent to 9 billion euros, completion is delayed by 50% and Costs exceed Benefits. There is a solution: SirWay before you pave.

SirWay has operated since 2002 with complex and costly investment decision problems, where data-driven decision-making brings the best value and where novel data collection, data management, Cloud and machine learning technology greatly facilitate the investment process.

By getting SirWay involved you can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by over 100%.



SirWay offers web-native management systems. Our Road Asset Management Platform is a web-based Infrastructure Asset Management System allowing unlimited number of users, access from anywhere with any device for improved preventive and predictive maintenance planning. We have experience in projects funded by Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Commission, World Bank, Governments and private companies. SirWay provides the latest knowledge and technology to ensure successful delivery. Our offering includes the following...

Our Services

Management, Investment Analysis, Forecasting, Optimisation and Strategy Studies.

If you want to preserve your valuable assets by preventive maintenance, SirWay offers Asset Management services including Infrastructure Asset Management Systems such as Road Management Systems (RMS), Bridge Management Systems (BMS), maintenance planning and support functions.

If you want to know the environmental and socio-economic impacts of your road investments we have a Cloud-based survey and reporting tool. You can use your tablet and get the data safe easily without tedious writing on the questionnaires and typing the answers in a spreadsheet.

If you want to know the most lucrative investing option, SirWay offers pre- and post-investment analysis based on fesibility studies and Net Present Value (NPV) optimisation. Alternatively, analyses can be done by EIRR, ROI or B/C.

If your existing analyses are missing future vision, SirWay offers forecasting services based both on qualitative and quantitative techniques such as linear and non-linear regression methods based on artificial neural networks, support vector machines and markov chains. Financial forecasting is recommended with investment decision-making.

If you have too many options to invest in, SirWay offers investment optimisation to maximise the NPV of the portfolio. Often these combinatorial optimisation problems require methods such as swarm intelligence or genetic algorithms.

If you want to develop your road network in Papua New Guinea, SirWay also offers road maintenance and construction according to international standards.

If you want to keep on the right track, SirWay offers strategy studies in the transport sector. For example, Public Private Partnership (PPP) financing has increased in the past years and raised interest in new countries and sectors. PPP is an interesting option, but it is also difficult since financial analyses and comparisons have to be made. PPP also affects the project pipeline and procurement since design and maintenance are often included in the contract. SirWay can help you to find the right track.

Road Management Systems (RMS)

A proper Road Management...

System with correct processes and data collection can save 15% of your road maintenance costs and still improve your road network condition. You can choose from our Desktop or Cloud RMS. Download Our PDF

Bridge Management Systems (BMS)

With our Desktop or Cloud...

BMS you can manage bridge data, condition, inspections and maintenance works. With integrated GIS, graphical reporting and data collection with mobile devices annual savings are tens of thousands of euros.

Predictive maintenance planning

Preventive maintenance is a ...

prerequisite for retaining asset value and smooth operation. However, time-based preventive maintenance planning is usually not efficient and therefore we drive for paradigm change in maintenance and provide modelling and algorithm development for predictive, condition-based maintenance planning.

Socio-economic Survey Tool

Large scale infrastructure...

projects require socio-economic impact assessment with laborious interviews. With our Survey Tool the interviews are done with a mobile device, data is stored in the Cloud, reporting is automated and the survey can be monitored real-time. 20% of overall savings are expected from socio-economic data collection exercise.

Strategic Transport Sector Studies

SirWay delivered strategic...

studies in the transport sector. These include assessment of Mobility as a Service solutions, Public Private Partnership studies, institutional change and strengthening and Road Sector Reforms.

Transport and Energy Sector Analytics and Cloud Solutions

With our Desktop or Cloud...

BMS you can manage bridge data, condition, inspections and maintenance works. With integrated GIS, graphical reporting and data collection with mobile devices annual savings are tens of thousands of euros.
Case Studies

Case Studies

Recent Cases here you will find some information about projects we were involved in.

The Team

The Team

We are SirWay. Connect with us and the company via our social media links.



Keep up-to-date on us. From time to time we will be adding interesting articles and news about SirWay.

New websites launched aimed to the municipality sector

SirWay Ltd. has started working with Finnish municipalities to develop Road Asset Management Systems for municipal use. The first pilot project is ongoing with Lempaala and 4 other municipalities have ordered.

SirWay Ltd. has started working with Finnish municipalities to develop Road Asset Management Systems for municipal use. The first pilot project is ongoing with Lempäälä and 4 other municipalities have ordered.

Current challenges include lack of Road Asset Management System, up-to-date data from the road network and lack of systematic maintenance planning processes.

In the near future Sirway is looking to expand these services to European municipalities as well. More information can be found on the new website: and in Finnish on

New Road Asset Management System to St. Lucia

SirWay Ltd. signed a contract with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour for development of GIS-based Road Maintenance Management System in St. Lucia.

Current challenges include lack of Road Asset Management System, up-to-date data from the road network and lack of systematic maintenance planning processes.

In the coming 6 years, SirWay Ltd. will develop together with the Ministry Road Asset Management processes and Cloud-based Road Asset Management System. The project includes extensive capacity building and data collection.

SirWay was actively involved in World Road Meeting 2017 in Delhi, India

SirWay presented Cloud-based Road Asset Management System, which saves costs and time for the Road Agencies. The good thing with our Cloud-based system is that all the required software including maintenance planning is integrated in one system and all the road data and reports are accessible by mobile devices. And most importantly, data is safe and accessible by all the involved parties.

SirWay recognises the importance of the new Belt and Road Transport Alliance (BRITA) initiative by China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) and therefore SirWay joins BRITA.

Ministers Anne Berner, Ismir Jusko, Nitin Gadkari and Marc Garneau were praising the Goddess of Wisdom for better roads. Open data sharing and road asset optimisation should be key targets for all countries, not just Finland, as Mrs. Berner pointed out. This is also the focus of SirWay.

Konsta Mikael Sirvio had a Doctoral Defence

Dr. Konsta Mikael Sirvio defended his Doctoral Thesis "Advances in predictive maintenance planning of roads by empirical models" successfully. Professor Juho Rousu (in the middle) acted as the Custos. Professor Juha Röning (on the right) and Doctor Cesar Queiroz (second from the right) acted as opponents. The instructor of the Thesis was Dr. Jaakko Hollmén (on the left).

Tough questions covered applicability of empirical models beyond flexible pavements and in new situations with autonomous vehicles as well as methodological aspects such as Genetic Algorithms.

Tablet-based Survey, Analysis and Reporting Tool Deployed in Papua New Guinea

We are happy to share with you that we've just come back from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea where we successfully deployed a new version of our all-in-one tablet-based survey + data analysis + reporting tool. This project was carried out to help collect the necessary information pertaining to a socio-economic impact study conducted for the road administration.

These types of surveys are vital in establishing long-term effects of a given road project and have a long history of being carried out manually, involving a tedious process of creating survey documents, printing out and carrying hundreds of copies, manully marking them in the field and spending many weeks to digitise the input and only then analyse the data. We believe this approach to be vastly inefficient, which is why we decided to invest our energy in creating our own IT system for handling the whole pipeline.

Our complete workflow has been streamlined to look the following way:

  1. A survey is created/an existing survey is modified

  2. A team of researchers armed with tablets is dispatched to the field

  3. The tablets are used to collect the data

  4. All the collected data is synced seamlessly and automatically with the server

  5. The server crunches the data and automatically produces/updates a report whenever new data arrives

  6. The team back at the office can observe the changes LIVE on their device and ask clarifying questions if necessary

  7. As soon as the latest submission takes place, we have a full report

This approach cuts down on many weeks of unnecessary busy work handling paper, making corrections (our system will reject any incorrectly entered data, so there's no need for any manual checks), data entry and chasing human errors. Additionally, the automated nature of the analysis allows us to dive deeper into immediately apparent issues right there, on the spot, which is something that simply wasn't possible before.

So, in summary, we have a tool that streamlines the whole pipeline, keeps us updated on a per-minute basis and, as a bonus, makes our research team in the field use cutting-edge technology and look "out of this world" (yes, that's verbatim) to the local population.

We are proud to have achieved these results and are happy to make our system available to anybody (it could be you!) who has a need for it.

Welcome to our new Sirway website

Here you will get the main idea of what Sirway can offer to you in your pursuit for better investment decisions.

In the near future Sirway will focus on development of Cloud applications of the existing software products. At the same time the company increases the presence in the African markets. Sirway wants to offer a development leap to developing countries without a historical burden of closed and clumsy IT systems.

Please contact us directly to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals.



Our Clients

Our Clients

Over the years we have served both the public and private sectors.



Frequently Asked Questions

Roads are the most valuable assets of most of the countries, but proper maintenance seems to be problematic. Politicians may not allocate sufficient funding, data collection on the roads is messy and costly, information systems are difficult to use etc. Road Asset Management Platform is a new standard for web-based Road Asset Management Systems (RAMS) that allows international benchmaring and learning from the best practices. With Road Asset Management Platform it is possible to start preventive or predictive maintenance planning immediately in an easy way.
With the Cloud implementation you will get easy updates, your data will be safe, you can control accessibility of the data and you will get competitive pricing.
First, the roads inventory needs to be created, condition and traffic assessed using SirWay Road Asset Platform. Then, a strategy analysis has to be created and the optimal annual budget compared with the current one. Funding constraints may be one reason, but wrong priorities or wrong maintenance works may also cause the problem.
Traditional Pavement Management Systems and Road Asset Management Systems are difficult to use and host. They may also require very specific formats how the data should be prepared before it can be imported into the system. Data collection equipment may also lack user-friendliness and over time the trained personnel quit for better-paid jobs. SirWay Road Asset Management Platform is intuitive, modern and user-friendly. There is no need for special IT skills or expensive server hardware when SirWay provides the hosting for you. With extensive training, use and demonstrated benefits, you do not want to do the planning work without one.
SirWay provides a Cloud-based software tool and questionnaires that you can use with mobile devices in the field. The system will automatically produce reports from the answers.
Send Email for live demonstration to see if SirWay Road Asset Management Platform is what you need.
You need to inspect and monitor your bridges and provide regular maintenance. To support the tasks, SirWay provides a Cloud-based Bridge Management System.
We adapt to your needs. We implement fast. We are goal-oriented. We have successfully completed projects in over 10 countries. We use the latest technology. We get the job done!
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Contact Us

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